Olhos De Gato

Here is my version of a great Carla Bley Tune.

Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers


Here is my version of the great Stevie Wonder Tune made famous by Jeff Beck.

Raleigh Township (Live!) By Martin Traynor

This is a live version of an acoustic piece I recently wrote.  It was written at a farm in Raleigh Township hence the name.

The picture was taken on the same evening in the same place.


Hockey Night in Canada Theme Entry

This was my attempt at the new theme for the Anthem Challenge contest.  I had some fun doing it and it got some great reviews but sadly it did not place amongst the finalists.  I like the bagpipes on the one that did win!  Must be the Scottish blood!

Let Me Breathe – Video for PH Charity


This is a video of the session and shows some of the people who are bravely coping with this affliction.  My daughter Erin is singing in the chorus top left.